About Us

FAFS Ltd is an accountancy services company based in the West Midlands. We are geared to provide services to small to medium businesses and Not for Profit Organisations at a personalised level thereby add value to our clients’ businesses.

Our team consisting of specialists in various business administration components offers a range of services which would go a long way in making a business more efficient in its operations. The team members have sound knowledge base and considerable experience in running businesses and dealing with various clients in different industries and sizes which would provide a knowledge pool which our client tap into for the benefit of their business.

Our team consists of members with experience in Statutory Accounts, Financial Accounts, Auditing, Charity Accounts and Independent Examination of Charity Accounts. The founders of FAFS have over 27 years of professional experience, in field of finance, business administration and project management, delivering quality service to its clients.

At FAFS we aspire to give quality Accounting & Financial Services to our clients at competitive prices and allow the businesses and entrepreneurs to focus on their core purpose and grow their businesses.

Our Vision & Mission

FAFS’s simple but ambitious vision is to aspires to be the  first choice in providing Accounting and Financial Services to the diverse peoples in the UK , in the context of their culture.

The philosophy of FAFS “A Personal Service” embodies a good sense of responsibility, integrity and devotion to the mission of FAFS, “Empowerment”. In our work, we strive for excellence and responsiveness to gain recognition, however, remaining focused on the future for we understand fully that performance comes before recognition.

Our Values

Our Decisions and activities are guided by the following tenets:

Integrity:  We uphold all industry, regulatory requirements as set out by CQC. We place ethical conduct at the centre of all business decisions and processes.

Teamwork: We engage with credible principals to deliver a comprehensive, high quality portfolio. We enable our customers to operate effectively by running a lean cost-effective and efficient temporary staffing service.

Efficiency: We have a coaching culture and nurture a developmental spirit. Through a performance based remuneration system, we recognise and reward both individual talent and team commitment.

Client Focus & Care: We not only seek to offer a mere service to our clients to help them to just get by and meet the statutory requirements but pursue to go further  help them to be more competitive and efficient through one to one advise on tax legal  and other financial issues.

How We Work

The UK has been defined as a multicultural society with diverse peoples and different tests and variances in preference in how they want to access services especially financial related products. FAFS seeks to capitalize and be flexible in providing quality financial and accounting service to our diverse clients. There is considerable overlapping of accounting work and financial services matters and FAFS would strive to enable that overlay under one roof while serving its diverse clientele. To achieve this objective our strategy is underpinned and driven by three axiom:

Technology in Carriying out effective internal controls

  • Client Services
  • Developing online services
  • Cloud Accounting

Economies of Scale

  • Increased of Number Business Units
  • Developing Products suitable for certain cultural pursuasion
  • Increased Product Range

Business Networks

  • Developing Strong Network with key local suppliers
  • Developing Inter-national /cultural products
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