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M Gwamura- Shalom Hair Saloon (Wolverhampton West Midlands)

In the 2009/10 when  I was told  about my massive tax bill by the Customs and Revenue. That left me me shocked and I was contemplating to close my business. My previous bookkkeeper had just worked my accounts straight from the figures I had given him. I was then told by a friend, a busines colleague  about Faithcor, of which I requested them to analyse my books again. I was not charged anything for the initial consulation. When they looked at books they noted that certain tax relief expenses and capital expenditure were not included in my tax calculations. They also developed my bookkeeping system to make it user friendly. Beside sorting my books which were in a mess, I found them to be friendly and very helpful.

adminM Gwamura- Shalom Hair Saloon (Wolverhampton West Midlands)