Finance Sourcing Support

Finance Sourcing Support

Asset Based Finance

In providing accounting services to our clients we have noted that most struggle to grow and fail to achieve their intended goals because of financial constraints. To help our clients to tackle this drawback we have sort the support of Financial Companies whom we work with to source finance for our clients. The Financial Companies that we work mainly focus on Asset Based Finance in the form of invoice financing.

A company may look at using invoice finance to improve their current situation in covering its running costs or easing the invoice length terms. Availability Invoice financing becomes handy in allowing one to have access to critical finance to support the business activities.

The approach involves the use of two types of invoice finance namely:

  • Invoice Discounting – you maintain full control of collecting the money with little or involvement of the financing Company.


  • Invoice Factoring – the responsibility of collecting the debt from the clients lies with the lender. This can be done with or without bad debt protection.

Government Support

If one’s business is registered and operating in the UK there financial support programmes in place which we help our clients to source. There are small business loans and grants currently available from the government and come different in shapes and sizes depending on the sector the applicant is operating.

FAFS would help identify these sources and help with information on government funds to launch or grow a small business.

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